Envisionary Designz

Stage Wraps

Transform your stage with our spectacular stage wraps, captivating your guests with a stunning focal point.

What is a Stage Wrap? A versatile solution that covers your stage, offering glossy or matte finishes in various colors. We can also create fully custom printed vinyl wraps to showcase your branding or unique designs.

Enhancing the Stage: Take center stage with our striking backdrop for performances, weddings, and special events, saying goodbye to worn-out stages.

Customization and Size: Choose from glossy or matte finishes, a variety of colors, or fully custom printed vinyl wraps, ensuring a perfect fit for any stage size.

Installation and Perfection: Our experienced professionals ensure a seamless and polished look, creating a stage that shines with elegance and professionalism.

Perfect for Various Occasions: Ideal for weddings, performances, corporate events, and special occasions. 

Contact Information: Reach out to us for a free quote via email at envisionarydesignz@gmail.com or by filling out the form on our website.